CRAFTA 1 and 2 Foundation course 2023

CRAFTA 1 and 2 Foundation course 2023


À propos de cette formation

The CRAFTA-1 Foundations course focuses on the assessment and management of the craniomandibular-facial region and its functional relations. Students will learn about pain mechanisms of the relevant craniomandibular structures, the function of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and the neurophysiological, biomechanical, and functional relationships with the cervical spine.


Primary topics include the subjective and physical examination and various treatment techniques of the TMJ. The course includes an up-to-date review of the current neurobiological and anatomical knowledge of the function of the TMJ.


In addition, theoretical presentation will include pertinent aspects of dentistry aspects such as brace/splint therapy and an introduction to various clinical syndromes, such as bruxism, bracing, (cervical) headaches, neuralgias, and the otomandibular syndrome. The course includes theoretical and practical sessions.


For the craniofacial region, students will learn to identify and recognize clinical patterns and develop clinical skills for the assessment and management of the craniofacial region within a defined clinical reasoning model. This course includes a thorough review of the function, anatomy, biomechanical properties, pathology, examination and treatment of the craniofacial region.


Participants will receive access to the online module during the CRAFTA-1 course.


Specific theoretical lectures include:

  • Functional neuro-anatomy
  • Pathologies
  • Clinical differential diagnoses
  • The function and anatomy of the neuro- and viscerocranium
  • Cranial growth models
  • Models of cranial movement and management objectives
  • The facial skeleton
  • Treatment principles

Specific practical sessions include:

  • Palpation of reference points
  • The physical examination
  • Manual treatment techniques
  • Treatment Set-up, general and targeting specific syndromes
  • Patient presentations with follow up
  • Palpation of the cranial structures
  • General and specific examination and treatment techniques of the neuro- and viscera cranium



At the conclusion of the CRAFTA-1 Foundations course, students will be able to:

  • Examine the craniomandibular region
  • Formulate a clinical reasoning model for the management of patients with craniomandibular dysfunctions
  • Identify clinical patterns and etiological and other contributing factors applicable to the craniomandibular region
  • Recognize specific pain patterns and muscle, joint and nerve structures
  • Treat patients with craniomandibular dysfunctions using a specific neuromusculoskeletal management approach