Level 1 Shoulder Course

Level 1 Shoulder Course

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Cours de 2.5 jour

The shoulder:  Current concepts, Anatomy and Biomechanics

  • A clinically oriented review of research findings and how they’ve shaped and changed our assessment, rehabilitation and management.


Objective assessment of the shoulder

  • A clinically oriented sessions explaining the system used to examine a shoulder girdle.

Subjective assessment of the shoulder

Glenohumeral instability

  • A detailed look at mechanism of injury, patient presentation, assessment and management strategies, including surgical and conservative treatment regimes.


Assessment of glenohumeral instability

  • Practical session aimed at demonstrating instability assessment techniques.


Principles of shoulder rehabilitation

  • A thorough discussion on Lyn’s structured approach to rehabilitation tailored tom the patient’s pathology and functional requirements.


Rotator cuff and stiff shoulders

  • A clinical overview of presentation of rotator cuff tears, impingement and stiffness of the shoulder with differential diagnosis and treatment strategies.


Treatment and mobilisation techniques of the stiff shoulder

  • Practical session demonstrating and discussing surgery and post operative rehabilitation protocols as well as conservative management and mobilisation techniques.


Demonstration of shoulder taping