Harry von Piekartz


The Harry von Piekartz’s career

Harry is qualified as a physical therapist at the Dutch University of Enschede (Hogeschool van de Twentse Academie voor Fysiotherapie (TAF)). He successfully completed his manual therapy training (Maitland Concept) IMTA in Switzerland an gained the IFOMPT diploma in the Netherlands (Nederlandse Manuele Therapie Vereniging (NVMT) in 1994. In 1995, he completed his IMTA (International Maitland Teacher Association) teacher training and became a teacher for the Neuro Orthopaedic Institute (NOI).


In 2000 he successfully completed his Master of Science degree in Physiotherapy at the University of Leuven (Belgium). His thesis was on « The Neurodynamic Testing of the Mandibular Nerve: Reliability and norm-data ». In 2003 he became a senior IMTA teacher and was granted a fellowship of the ICCMO (International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics, Section Germany) and was elected as president of the Craniofacial Therapy Academy (CRAFTA). In 2005 he got his PhD in Rehabilitation science at the Staffordshire University(UK) and his second book « Kiefer, Gesichts- und Zervikalregion. Neuromuskuloskeletale Untersuchung, Therapie, Management » was published. The book Craniofacial Pain. Assessment and Management of the Neuromusculoskeletal System » is published in 2007.


Sinces 2008 he is Professor at the University of Applied Science in Osnabruck (Germany) and is study director of the Master of Science in Musculoskeletal Therapy . He directs several musculoskeletal research projects. He published and edited more than 4 books , wrote several chapters in books about physical therapy and more than 70 international peer reviewed articles about head-neck and face dysfunction and pain. He also works part-time in his own specialized clinic in Ootmarsum , The Netherlands (www.harryvonpiekartz.com )


Dutch University of Enschede

Physical therapist

University of Leuven

Master of Science degree in Physiotherapy


University of Applied Science in Osnabruck


Study director of the Master of Science

Musculoskeletal Therapy